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We strive to partner with local organizations and businesses to help promote and grow this community event. Supporters help draw in tens of thousands in attendance, with many of those from all over the Midwest and further. It is through sponsorship support and in-kind donations that we are able to utilize advertising mediums such as TV, radio, live satellites, digital & print signage, social networking, billboards, programs, inserts, flyers and print advertising.

The Cedar Valley Irish Cultural Association is a not-for-profit organization promoting Irish culture in the Cedar Valley. Our continued success is dependent on sponsorship and support from our community. We are proud of the growth and popularity of Iowa Irish Fest, and we are committed to its continued success. We hope to have your support this year, thank you!


Email the partnership committee if interested in becoming a Partner Sponsor of the 2019 Iowa Irish Fest. Download the Sponsorship Packet HERE.

Partnership Committee

Help build Irish Fest
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Our fest is powered by volunteers! We would love for you to join us – pour beers, take tickets, help out!

For questions about volunteering for the Fest, please contact:

Jocelyn Williams
Volunteer Coordinator


Friends of the Iowa Irish Fest

CARA: noun, friend
Cara is the official “Friends of the Iowa Irish Fest” group. Cara supports the Iowa Irish Cultural Association’s goal to celebrate and develop Irish fellowship and outreach in our community.

Become a Cara member today!
Download the CARA FORM.

Over the Rainbow – $550
Jim Walsh

Pot of Gold Giving Level – $280
Helen and Marvin Schumacher
Financial Decisions Group

Leprechaun Giving Level – $150
Kristina Miller-Bergman
Bryan’s on 4th
Michael & Rebecca Burns
Jeff & Patty Griffin
Jameson’s Public House
Mark & Chris Kennedy
Carol Laumer Queen Mum/YaYa Sista’s
Douglas Marshall
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Five Sullivan Brothers Division
Terry & Mickey McGrane
Pat McGivern & Randy Robinson
Casey McLaughlin
Jon & Lori McNamee
Pete & Terri Meehan
Otto & JoAnn Miller
Jan Pratt
William & Mary Ellen Schmid
Ridgeway True Value Hardware/Sharon & John Schotter,
Schumacher Elevator Company
Greg & Jolene Tagtow
Volks Haus
John & Cheryl Vaughan
Mark & Rhonda Vaughn

Shamrock Giving Level – $60
Brandon & Annie Alvarado
MarySue Bartlett
Steve & Beth Baumeister
James & Mary Ellen Brandau
Pat & Maggie Burke
Drew & Angela Conrad
Rory & Rochelle Dolan
Renee Duesenberg
Jeff Eastland
Bill & Mary Farmer
Maureen Fauser
Bill & Salina Gavin
Sue Gress
Meg Heatley
Lynn Hanke
Chris & Colleen Jensen
Kelli Jensen
Laurie Karsten
Jeanette & Dick Kester
Michael Knapp
Denise Kremer
Richard Lynch
Kathy McGowan
Michael J. Miller
Lonnie & Colette Newhall
Steve & Joyce Oaks
Martin & Rosemary Paulson
Peg & Fred Ritchie
Casey & Carrie Schares
Kate Schildroth
Wayne & Danise Shannon
Tom & Jane Shea
Chad & Jessie Shipman

Dale & Audrey Steffen
Dan & Wanda Steffen
Deb Swearingen
James E. Walsh
Charlotte Wells
John & Ann Woods
Scott & Mary Wymore
Ken & Jill Yuska
Tom & Lori Yuska

Harp Giving Level – $30
Sandra Briden
Beverly McCusker
Thomas C. Peterson
Megan Pratt
Pam Schneider
Nicole Sears
Debbie Seaton Siech
Matthew Vaughan
Meagan Visser
Sharon Wright
Emily Youghblut

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