Hero’s Area

New this year to the Hero’s Area- Hawkeye Community College’s Regional Police Academy will be giving you the opportunity to experience one of the latest technologies in police training. The Apex Officer’s virtual virtual reality simulator is a new and innovative way of giving officers and cadets from all over Iowa hands-on training in de-escalation situations.
This free experience will last around 5 minutes per person. The participating will wear a headset, interact with the scenario and than explain how it helps with police training.
Hours of operation within the Hero’s Area are:
Friday (5th) 4pm-8pm
Saturday (6th) 10am- 6pm
Sunday (7th) 11:30 – 4pm
Anyone under the age of 15 is welcomed to try as long as their is a gradian on site. Individuals who get vertigo or motion sickness should let the instructor know prior to participating.
Learn more about their program by visiting their website, HawkeyeCommunityCollege.edu