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The Cedar Valley Irish Cultural Association, founder of the Iowa Irish Fest, is an organization intended to foster and develop Irish fellowship and outreach into the community with Irish cultural events and programs.  Entering its 16th year, the Iowa Irish Fest is an open-air event held on the first weekend of August in Waterloo, Iowa. The Fest provides nearly 50,000 annual attendees the opportunity to participate in a premier cultural event that broadens their global perspective and introduces them to experiences and lifestyles far beyond the Midwest, while acknowledging and celebrating the history of the Irish community. Association President, Jim Walsh, said, “The Irish in Iowa have done such a fine job of melding into their communities that we felt it was time to draw them back out a bit and show them off to their neighbors and as many visitors as we could.


Accolades and Awards


Cedar Valley Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
“2013 Event of the Year”

Cedar Valley Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
“2011 Event of the Year”

Cedar Valley Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
“2010 Event of the Year”


in weekend passes for local organizations to use in their own fundraising efforts.


donated from a freewill offering at the Sunday Mass.


meals donated for those in need. Partnership with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.


donated to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.


donated to the Boy Scouts of America.


to local school and church groups.

Iowa Irish Fest Committee

The people behind Iowa Irish Fest

Al Mennenga
Beverage Chair

Al Werner

Alex Toft
High Nelly Bike Rally

Angie Boreman

Agnes Kress

Amanda Korth

Andrew Sterling
Guinness Experience

Annie Alvarado
Program/Website Design

Brad Martin
Tech Assistance

Brandon Alvarado
Program/Website Design

Brenna Dabney
Family Fun & Learning

Brent Gilmore
Bloody Mary Garden

Brian Beery
Volunteer Coordinator

Brooke Ullom
Shamrock N Run 5k

Casey Hansen
Rugby Invitational

Chad Shipman
Director of Iowa Irish Fest

Chris Davis

Christina O’Conner
Elks Lodge Events

Christina Gilmore
Bloody Mary Garden

Dee Kruger
Cultural Street

Dick Kester
Mass / Merchandise

Diane Craig
High Nelly Bike Rally

Don (Matt) Mateo
Whiskey Master Class

Greg Hunt
Celtic Cruise Motorcycle Ride

Greg Tagtow

Heather Mulcahy
Celtic Cruise Motorcycle Ride

James White

Jan Pratt

Jane Messingham
Treasury Committee/Fest Operations Money Management

Janet Drewelow
Visitor & Festival Information

Jason Mohorne
Beverage Chair

Jeanette Kester

Jeff Eastland
Beverage Chair

Jessie Shipman
Shamrock N Run 5k

Jim Poock
Health & Safety

Jim Wheelan

Jolene Tagtow

Jordan Larkin
Social Media

Julie Gage
Public Relations

Kate Schildroth
Workshop Program / Continuity Manual

Kathy Davis
VIP Experience

Kathy McGowan
Food/Merchandise Vendors

Keith Rogers

Kelly Sullivan
Hero’s Area

Klint Sauke
Rugby Invitational

Kristina Miller

Lauren Bonner
Impact Marketing

Lori McConville
Partner Sponsors

Maggie Burke

Marianne Kurtenbach

Max Runge
Tech Assistance

Meagan Visser
Cultural Event Center

Mike Bonser
Fest Shuttle/Transportation

Mike Burns

Michael Meeter
Guinness Experience

Mike Miller
Highland Games

Patrick Moran
Beverage Chair

Renee Duesenberg
Communications Specialist

Rich Kurtenbach
Logistics/Electrical/IBEW288 Rep

Rory Dolan Sr
President of the Cedar Valley Irish Cultural Association

Ross Nunez

Ryan Dabney
Family Fun & Learning Area/ Logistics

Salina Gavin
Website /Photography Contest

Scott Lake
Beverage Chair

Sean Riley

Shannon Sterling
Guinness Experience

Sharon Gallen

Shawn Kane

Shawn Mulcahy
Celtic Cruise

Shaylin Girsch
Jameson’s Public House

Stacy Harris

Stephanie Kane
Visitor/Festival Information

Tamara Visser
Cultural Event Center

Ted Batemon
Partner Sponsors

Terence Moriarty
Gaelic Athletic Association Rep.

Tim Tierney
Beverage Chair

Tonya Meeter
Guinness Experience

Tracey Kerker
VIP Experience

Travis Wilson
Whiskey Master Classes

Trent Hunter
Hero’s Area

Vickie Minard
Sheep Herding

Wendy Brunko