Cultural Village

Irish craft & history

Fáilte don Sráidbhaile Cultúrtha nua!

You can immerse yourself in Irish culture as you wander down our Cultural Street. Watch blacksmiths, weavers, spinners and artists at work. Learn a few words as Gaeilge and stop by our genealogy tent to learn more about your Irish Ancestry. Retirning this year to the Cultural Street try your hand at axe throwing at the Hurling Hatchets booth. Top off your visit with a stop at Dillon’s Pub for a rest all while surrounded by the Irish music we love and stay for the open sessions both Friday and Saturday nights starting around 9. Also don’t miss the friendly Irish wolfhounds, the many free music, language and dance workshops and even a sheep herding demonstration located throughout the grounds on your visit.



Joining us for the third year are Lucky Clover Forge and Double Anvil Forge showing off their impressive blacksmithing skills and even giving you the opportunity to get your hands dirty with some hands on training. The two forges will also be participating in a forging competition again this year so keep an eye out for the time as you won’t want to miss it!

Art Gallery

Visit the art gallery in the COR building to view all of Gary Kelly’s art created especially for the Iowa Irish Fest as well as the art from this year’s live artist demonstrations.

Spinners and Weaver’s Guild

Get hands on with the Northeast Iowa Weavers and Spinners Guild. Try your hand on the four harness loom or at spinning yarn.

Waterloo Public Library 

The Waterloo Public Library will be joining us again with information on how to start your genealogical search.

Dillon’s Pub

Take a break at Dillon’s Pub where we will be welcoming some solo musical acts as well as 2 sessions anchored by The Des Moines Session Group. The sessions at Dillon’s Pub will be open anyone who wants to so please feel free to bring your instrument/party piece along and join in the fun.

DKW Gallery

Deb Kathlene Weiser came over from Ireland with her folks when she was in her teens. She developed her skills and love of art from her mother. “Mamaí, how can you paint so well?” “Tis magic darling, that’s all it is.” But she showed her daughter how to use more than just paint; she showed her how to develop her imagination. Deb has left her “art mark” on walls and buildings from the Florida Keys to Toronto and from Iowa to Italy and Holland. She will be doing a variety of “live art” during the Irish Fest. And with a bit of the Irish magic worked into it.

Lori Kidd is an enamelist who enjoys making unusual designs with her small art pieces. Specializing in jewelry, Lori also enamels bowls, spoons, trays and small table art. Lori will be assembling and designing her Celtic works at the Irish Fest.

Mark Weiser, husband of Deb, carves wood & slate (or anything else that holds still long enough) with the ancient Ogham writings. Ogham was developed by the Irish almost two millennia ago. He’ll be creating from 10″ to 7 foot carvings with favorite Irish sayings.

Cindy Moss has a unique approach to her art. No brushes or palette knives. She uses rocks, pebbles, twigs and the like to produce humorous views of her world.

Bill Long has an eye and a talent for the natural beauty of wood. Paints & stains are usually not needed because nature has produce the detailed beauty. Bill makes it shine.

Chris Robbins only just recently got back into art after almost a 20 year hiatus. Bold strokes and color on everything from Irish castles to a reworked Lady Liberty with a tip of the hat to the Irish influence in America.

See real blacksmiths at work in our Cultural Village!

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