The Celtic Tenors


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The Celtic Tenors – three tenors, one voice.
The charismatic, globetrotting trio are the most successful classical crossover act to emerge from
Ireland. They just sing songs they love, and they most certainly don’t take themselves too
seriously. It’s all about the music, the harmonies, and the fun. The Celtic Tenors will perform
classical arias, a capellas, hauntingly beautiful Celtic harmonies, and popular contemporary
The only tenor group with a truly global audience, The Celtic Tenors will give you a night to
remember. Whether playing a neighborhood cathedral or major concert halls in international
cities like New York, Amsterdam or Shanghai, you are assured of a professional, sparkling and
most of all, good, humored performance. They genuinely love what they do, and you’ll see that
shine through in each rendition of beautiful Celtic songs, exhilarating classics, a capellas and
popular contemporary songs.
With The Celtic Tenors, you will get more than a performance from world class artists, you will
enjoy an evening to savor, with a sparkling good humored performance. Despite their success,
they love what they do and don’t take themselves too seriously.
Three unique solo voices, but when called upon – One Tenor Sound!



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