Tim Britton

Fairfield, Iowa

Tim Britton is renowned as one of the leading players of the uillean pipes, one of the sweetest and most complex bagpipes. He is also accomplished on the wooden flute, tin whistle, Highland pipes, mandolin, and as a singer and storyteller. Tim’s unique style as an American with many influences is founded on a profound knowledge of the tradition. Born into a family central to the Philadelphia folk music scene, Tim was exposed to a panorama of traditions at the many festivals throughout the sixties. At age ten he became fascinated with his Celtic roots and immersed himself in the culture. He was soon performing with the best Irish musicians on the East Coast. At age fifteen Tim received a grant to return to Ireland for the second time, prompting a local newspaper to acclaim him, “…a discovery.” The scarcity of uillean pipes led him to make his own set, quickly gaining respect as a pipemaker.

For over thirty years Tim has been touring, teaching, and recording, appearing on over three dozen records with the likes of Mick Moloney, Liz Carrol, Eileen Ivers, Seamus Egan, Liz Carrol, John Doyle, Johnny Cunningham, Robbie O’Connell, Gerald Trimble, Bela Fleck, John McCutcheon, Patrick Ball, Paddy O’Brien, Chulrua, and others. He has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion, All Things Considered, and countless other radio and television shows. He has taught extensively at piping conventions, festivals, and workshops. In 1989 he was designated a master artist by the Iowa Arts Council and was nominated for a “Best of Philadelphia Music Award”. When not touring, he makes pipes, does sound engineering and producing and sells audio equipment in Fairfield, Iowa.

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