The Ashley Davis Band

Nashville, TN USA

[ Fri-Sat-Sun ]

Think Joni Mitchell meets contemporary Celtic and you’ll get something like the creative force of Ashley Davis, an American singer-songwriter whose musical imagination invites the world into her eclectic sphere. While this mash-up may classify her work, Davis’s unique ability to capture and cross musical traditions ultimately transcends comparison. Her soft-spoken music conjures a genre and world all of its own. Good Morning America, for instance, describes the Ashley Davis Band as “new music springing from ancient roots.” A culmination of the many influences that have inspired her over the years, Davis’s songwriting has captivated audiences on either side of the Atlantic—has invited them, instinctively, to dream. She has excelled in Celtic folk, Americana, and even electronic, proving she can turn any musical style into a spellbinding story. In the words of Academy Award winning composer Philip Glass, Ashley Davis has “as much musicality as anyone could wish for.” Davis’s latest album, “When the Stars Went Out,” written collaboratively and recorded in isolation, is a collection of acoustic, roots ballads whose lyrical depth will hold you still in time.

A native of Kansas and graduate of the University of Limerick’s World Music Centre, Ashley Davis writes music that lives between continents and speaks to two national traditions. Between her background in American roots and love of Celtic folk, Davis possesses a unique talent for conjoining ancient history with modern, intercultural interpretation.

As a performer moving between Nashville, New York, the west of Ireland, and even the Isle of Man, where she served as Artist in Residence in 2006, Ashley has always applied her distinct Great Plains perspective to a range of genres and cultures, forging songs out of the moment when different minds and backgrounds meet.

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