Shane Hennessy

Carlow, Ireland


Shane Hennessy is an Irish virtuoso guitarist, songwriter, & composer. Coming from a
background in Irish traditional music, Shane has been captivating audiences globally for the past
few years, with sell-out solo tours in Europe, Russia, and the United States under his belt, as well
as regular appearances at major international music festivals.
Described by legendary guitarist Tommy Emmanuel as “a brilliant entertainer and an amazing
musician who transcends the guitar the same way Muhammed Ali transcended boxing”, Shane
has developed an unmistakably unique voice on the guitar, blending his native Irish music with
elements of jazz, country, blues, funk, classical, soul, world, and hip-hop, both vocally and
instrumentally. His live shows are known for their energy and variety – “anything from Bach to
Beyoncé!; Irish Music Magazine have called him “one of the most exciting live performers of his
In 2019, Shane was a firm favourite on the festival scene in the United States, appearing at
prestigious roots festivals such as MerleFest (Wilkesboro, NC) and Appaloosa (Front Royal, VA),
as well as numerous Irish and Celtic Festivals including Milwaukee Irish Fest (WI), Kansas City
Irish Fest (MO), Irish Fest Chicago (IL), Michigan Irish Music Fest (Muskegon, MI), and many
Shane has released two albums of original music – Zephyrus (2015), and Marrakech (2017). A
third album is due for release in early 2020. He has also worked with Riverdance composer and
Grammy-winner Bill Whelan, and in 2017 he sold out a solo show in Ireland’s National Concert
Hall for the release of ‘Marrakech’.
To quote Marty Whelan of RTÉ Radio (Ireland): “There was part of me that didn’t really believe
that he could do what he does on one guitar until he came into the studio, sat down in front of
me, and played. I thought there had to be loops, or extra tracks, or recording tricks, and there
was none of that – my jaw dropped! What a talent!”



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