Northern Italy

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Gadan is a new project created by four experienced musicians of Irish trad and European
folk/rock scene. They come with years of experience touring the major European and US
traditional and alternative folk music festivals.
Their high–energy repertoire has a powerful live appeal and a sound comparable to new–trad
acts such as Talisk, and WeBanjo3, but with a unique identity thanks to years of experience
in several folk scenes, from Appalachian & Old Time to Scottish and English folk and traditional
music. Their lineup consists of two banjos – tenor & clawhammer – fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki
and guitar creating an “strings–only” sound with a hint of electronics,driven by a powerful
rhythmic pulse.
Gadan’s performances build energy, taking audience to ecstasy with their wide spectrum
of refreshing yet traditional sound.
Gadan‘s power leaves no one unmoved. You don’t need drums to groove.
Andrea Verga: mandolin, banjo, vocals
Jacopo Ventura: guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Joan Gatti: fiddle
Lorenzo Testa: tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals



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